Five Design Ideas For a Small Bathroom Remodel

There are many practical reasons to reduce the size of your bathroom, but sometimes all we want is a spa-like retreat. You have this opportunity now that your bathroom may not actually need all of that extra space.

Ideas that are both cheap and pretty can be achieved by using the same materials and fitting them together creatively. Use the ideas below to simplify your bathroom redesign.

Bathroom Space

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is space. A small bathroom is not going to have large room for things like sinks and showers and pedestal tubs. The smaller the space, the less room you have to run these items and other plumbing.

So, in addition to a good general layout, you’ll also need to take into account what the sink, tub, and toilet’s storage needs are. In some cases, these units have hardwired controls that you may have to adjust or configure.

Bathroom Layout

Is your small bathroom located at the end of a hallway? In that case, you have two options: Option 1: Separate the bathroom from the other bedrooms and the hallway, which will increase your budget.

Option 2: Take the approach of merging your bedroom with the bathroom by connecting the shower and tub to the vanity. This will allow for a seamless transition from the bathroom to the bedroom and will save money.

Bathroom Styles

Do you like the contemporary look? This is a good example of how small bathroom remodels can go big. Try adding a striking feature like a chandelier or recessed lighting to lighten up the space. A bistro-style kitchen table or circular chairs would also complete this space.

Decoration is an integral part of a bathroom. A large mirror will not only help you see how you look, it will also add extra space in your small bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures

A basic bathtub with fixtures that don’t match is just one of the ways to instantly make a small bathroom feel cramped and outdated. This is one of the most common bathroom mistakes homeowners make. Instead, consider how you want to use the space.

If you want a cute look and are willing to compromise on space, a small bathroom could be your best option. Also, think about the faucet, shower, and vanity you’re going to use the most.

Layout of Fixtures

Think about the layout of the bathroom’s fixtures. This means the sink and faucet placement, as well as the mirror. Remember to think about the ways in which you’ll be using the sink, too. Perhaps you’ll be using it to brush your teeth or hair, while soaking in a bath. Maybe you want to leave it free for pets or your partner. Perhaps you want to display your favorite towels or lotion.