How to Design a Zen Bathroom Design

A Zen bathroom design is all about simplicity and calm. Neutral colors such as grey, black and even brown with natural earth tones and stones are ideal for a Zen effect and the addition of natural water features such as small pools and fountains will certainly contribute to this calming effect. However the simplicity of this Zen style is definitely not to be compared to complete emptiness. In a Zen bathroom, there should be some kind of decoration, art or lighting which adds to this feeling of calm and tranquility. This is why in designing one we should keep these things in mind.

In order to create a Zen atmosphere we should carefully pick our Zen bathroom colors. The colors you choose should be those which are symbolic for you, for example red for passionate love, green for serenity, yellow for harmony and blue for meditation. If you need a reminder of these atmosphere do think about the ever-famous quote by Rumi: “The infinite intelligence and power of God are within yourself.” This is a great way to help us get in touch with these powerful feelings and emotions that lie deep within. To create such an atmosphere we should use calming colors and decor, along with a great and big mirror, this is a must in any Zen bathroom design.

You can add this essential element to any bathroom design, this is why, it is an important aspect of any successful plan. Zen bathroom fixtures are generally very simple, elegant and with a minimalist approach, so it is very easy to combine these fixtures with other simple ideas and touches. There are different types of vanity and mirror for this zen bathroom design, bathroom vanity fixtures include sinks, shower curtains, cabinets, basins, mirrors and etc. These can be bought in any home improvement store or if you prefer you can even make your own out of old bathroom fixtures.

As mentioned earlier, the basic purpose of a vanity is to have a place where you can sit and unwind after a long day at work. A good place to keep this vanity is either in your bedroom or in the living room. Sometimes you may also find this area slightly bigger than your actual bathroom and that is perfectly fine as well. The basic idea behind any zen bathroom design is to create a space that will allow you to relax, so the size of your vanity area will normally depend on the size of your bathroom. Having said that you will need to choose a size that allows you to comfortably sit and perhaps even wash your face.

If you want to use more rustic elements in your bathroom then you should consider using wood as well as stone and porcelain in your zen bathroom design. These types of decor will give your bathroom an ancient feel, the reason why they are such a popular choice with Japanese style homeowners. You will however want to be careful when it comes to using wood as they can start to stain quite easily.

Wood is the most common material that you will find used for your zen bathroom design. Choosing this material means that you will first need to plan how many and which materials you are going to use. The number one priority when planning this area is to ensure that your bathroom is well lighted, this will mean using bulbs in the correct colour. It is important that you do not overfill the base of the fixtures as they will weigh them down and make them difficult to clean. It is always best to fill the base between one and two inches deep as opposed to over filling and this will ensure that your fixtures do not sink into the water.

Wood is also popular with people who wish to add a touch of colour to their zen bathroom design. One way of doing this is by using paint or even stains to give the light a more defined appearance. Using these techniques will make it easier for you to get the effect that you want. However, it is always wise to first think about how you want the room to appear before you start to plan out the colours that you wish to use.

Having the perfect Zen bathroom design can transform your bathroom from a long day into a relaxing retreat. This is because you will have the perfect place to take your time with yourself and get away from the constant stress of everyday life. The spa inspired designs that are available on the market will help you achieve this goal. There are so many different elements that go into designing a beautiful bathroom, but if you want to make it an extremely relaxing experience you should consider the addition of some luxurious Japanese bathtubs. This is the perfect way to end your long day of work and relaxation.